Dont Let them…

You can be 70, or 26 like me. You have a child inside you which is your own, pure personality. You can anger, mad, sad with this child but you can’t throw him/her out of road. If you protect, if you keep this kid safe, you can be a good person. If you can’t, something changes in your life. You can suck up every project, you can fail with your life as the worst one.

Every person you met, will try to assassinate on this kid with first chance they have. Because of this you need to protect him/her. I was try to go away with him. But i couldn’t. Something kept me here always. I’m so sad, so pessimistic now.

I need to find a way to lightness of pure goodness. Anyway, look inside, what you see?

(Note: I wrote this article in English, because sometimes your own language can’t explain everything. Also i can’t check my grammar now :( )